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Video Creation Drives Innovation

March 2018 - workshop, design thinking

Innovation is important in growing a business. It is not only about generating new ideas, methods or devices. It is also about adaptation to changes, modifying business models, moulding better products and services, and eventually creating disruptions.

But how do businesses nurture innovation in their organisations?

The key is communication. In fact, some say communication drives innovation because it facilitates the flow and exchange of ideas among stakeholders. As one article argues: we tend to contain ourselves in the jargon and principles of our chosen field, and we “rarely put serious effort toward expressing ourselves in a language that can be understood by those outside our tribe. Then we wonder why our ideas never get very far”. (1)

Such reality kills good ideas even before it sees the light of day.

Even in many schools, students are by and large taught languages not communication. They teach math… some science, history and give rote instructions about rigid grammatical rules, but give very little guidance on how to express ideas clearly. (2)

Communication is therefore crucial in expressing ideas and fostering innovation. Having this as context, I view brainstorm sessions and workshops as well as the overall video creation process as communication devices that in turn foster innovation.

Thus, I believe that:

  • Brainstorm and workshop sessions are key elements in a video creation process.
  • Video creation is not only a tool to communicate to your target market, it is also a valuable device to clarify and align ideas among members of the organisation towards a defined goal. Thus, it is a valuable tool to nurture innovation.
  • The overall video creation process promotes and strengthens teamwork because it is fun, it provides challenges that exercise quick and creative thinking, and requires participants to work tightly together.

With such assumptions, video production workshops don’t just end at the moment you finished producing a show. Sharing of ideas has to continue into media delivery and the quest on how to maximize the potential exposure the show may entail. It means your narrative writing does not end on the story that you produced. You also have to write an overarching narrative that provides context to the stories that you produced in order to snowball your potential exposure.

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Pros Laput
Lead Video Creator
Asia-Pacific Focus Features